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Thomas Research Products

Thomas Research Products (TRP) was founded in 1997 and provides complete component solutions for OEMs utilizing LEDs. The brand became the core of Hubbell Lighting Components. The company is a division of Hubbell Lighting, one of the largest providers of lighting products in North America.

Our key offering is LED drivers. Our products are optimized for quality, efficiency, longevity, and cost-competitiveness. We maintain a large product inventory at our headquarters. LED Light engines simplify system development for OEMs, as well as retrofitters. We offer both off-the-shelf products and custom engines.

Our Surge Protectors for outdoor and commercial LED lighting advance the industry. EdisonReport.net said that TRP "makes luminaires bullet-proof." We also provide Step-Down Transformers for luminaires. Our Lighting Controls are available for LED lighting or for legacy HID and fluorescent lighting in commercial indoor or outdoor applications.

Our Norlux brand custom services include design, testing and manufacturing for lighting and electronics. Everything from electronic components to LED Light Engines to complete fixtures. Our manufacturing covers the same range of capabilities. We bring design, manufacturing and support "under one roof" to provide greater responsiveness.

We are centrally located for the North American market, in Elgin, IL near Chicago. Our headquarters includes engineering, distribution and production. Many of our products are Made in USA.

We take pride in delivering both high performance products and exceptional custom services, tailored to customers' needs. We strive to operate in an environmentally-conscious and socially-responsible fashion. Our work is grounded in green technologies and lean principles.

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