Custom LED Drivers

TRP Custom LED Drivers

Your Solution For Custom Drivers

Thomas Research Products offers quality and performance in LED drivers. Our Norlux custom services allows us to create totally custom drivers to power and control your LEDs. Let us design and build a driver to meet your unique requirements including size, input voltage and dimming. Our extensive testing and design validation services ensure superior functionality.

An area of special expertise is designing dimmable constant voltage drivers.


  • Custom driver and control design
  • Circuit design and layout
  • Custom enclosure design
  • Design to agency standards (UL, Energy Star, Title 24)
  • RoHS compliant manufacturing processes

More Custom Options

Along with custom light engine and driver design, we develoop complimentary products and technologies. TRP can create components such as wiring devices up to complete fixture design. Contact your sales manager to find out more.


Standard LED Driver Options

For the broadest selection of standard driver options available in North America, please see the TRP Driver Selector.

See Our Sales Page to find your Regional Sales Manager for more information

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Last updated 5-15-2017