LED Driver Search Tool

Find a specific product by Output Current, Output Voltage, Dimming Type, or Part Number.
This table is completely interactive:

  • The search box starts filtering the list as you type.
  • Reset search by clicking the X in the search box.
  • Clicking on a column heading will sort on those values.
  • Click the same heading again to invert the order.
  • Reset the table by clicking again on the Watts column heading, or refresh your web page.
  • CC= Constant Current, CV= Constant Voltage
  • For HL driver part numbers, X = S (side leads) or B (bottom leads)
  • Currently, this list does not sort by input voltage


Watts Part Current Voltage CC/CV Dim
data data data data data data

If you get no matching results, that item is not currently available as a standard item. Contact TRP for additional help.
This list contains every item in our current printed catalog.


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Last Updated 8-24-2017