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SelectSYNC™ Configurator Software

A key benefit of the SelectSYNC family is a better experience in programming drivers on the production line. Our universal configurator software has an advanced GUI interface designed for simplicity in manufacturing environments. The configurator includes a programming cradle that handles wired, USB and NFC programming for different models. The configurator will be forward compatible with the same ease of use for new SelectSYNC models as they are added to the product line.

Get our SelectSYNC Configurator Software

  1. Fill out the online software request form.
  2. The submit button will send your request as an email to us.
    You will receive an email with a secure link to download the software.
  3. Note that it may take up to 48 hours to fill your request once we receive it.

For the LED55WPG1 LED Driver

Our existing Driver Programming Tool is still available. Review the manual for important installation instructions.
1) Download the software
2) Install special USB Cable driver for Windows (ref. manual sect. 4.2)
3) Install programming tool software (ref. manual sect. 4.3)


Classic LED Driver 3D Models
3D Model Applicable Products STP IGS
12 LED-12W cc/cv File File
20 LED-20W cc/cv, LED-20W-LE/TE cc File File
25 LED-25W cc/cv, LED-25W-LE/TE cc File File
30 LED-30W cc/cv File File
50 LED-50W cc/cv File File
60-75 LED-60W cc/cv, LED-75W cc/cv File File
75-T5 LED-75W-T5 cc File File
75 P PLED 75W cc/cv File File
90-100 LED-90W cc/cv, LED-100W cc/cv File File
96 P PLED 96W cc/cv File File
120 P PLED 120W cc/cv, PLEDDC-120W cc/cv File File
150 P PLED 150W cc/cv, PLEDDC-150W cc/cv File File
200 P PLED 200W cc/cv, PLEDDC-200W cc/cv File File


Additional LED Driver Tools and Resources

Last updated: 8-24-17