HID Restrike and Auxiliary Lighting Controllers

TRP HID Restrike & Auxiliary Lighting ControllersQUARTZ RESTRIKE CONTROLLERS

Quartz Restrike Controllers automatically light a standby lamp when the main HID lamp is extinguished. These are current sensing devices. Compact and simple to wire.





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ESP Series

Part Description 3D Instructions Buy
ESP-125 120V, 500 Watts     Buy
ESP-125T 120V, 500 Watts, Timer     Buy
ESP-AUTO 120-277V, 250 Watts     Buy
ESP-AUTO-T 120-277V, 250 Watts, Timer     Buy


Product Features

  • Measures current drawn by the HID circuit rather than voltage across the circuit, use with any type of circuit
  • Operates HID circuits from 50-1500W, no mater what lamp source
  • Operates auxiliary lamps of either 250W (ESP-277 and ESP-AUTO) or 500W (ESP-125 Series)
  • With non-arching switches, may be used in Class I Division II vapor tight fixtures
  • Can be wired directly to emergency generator power
  • UL Recognized component
  • High temperature plastic enclosure
  • Includes Nipple mount
  • "T" models include integrated timing modules to provide quartz light while primary HID lamp warms up
  • ESP-125 UL COA
  • ESP-Auto UL COA

Information Regarding Older TRP Quartz Restrike Controls
Quartz Restrike Replacement Part Number Matrix
Cross-reference for older parts.TRP's Quartz Restrike line was improved and simplified in 2004.
The ESP-Auto-T was introduced after this update.


Last updated: 5-15-2017