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Quartz Restrike and Auxiliary Lighting Controllers

ESP series Quartz Restrike Controllers automatically light a standby lamp when the main HID lamp is extinguished. These are current sensing devices.

The UL COA for the ESP-125 Series is available here.

The ASP-AUTO-T is a Timed Restrike device for Fluorescent emergency standby sources. Designed for use with electronic HID ballasts. It is not sensitive to frequency or waveform and will work with all electronic ballasts currently manufactured. It may also be used with a 277:120V Stepdown transformer for quartz lamp applications.

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Part Number   Input Quartz Lamp Max Nipple Mount Timer  
ESP-125 Data Sheet 120V 500 Watts Included   Buy now
ESP-125T Data Sheet 120V 500 Watts Included Yes Buy now
ESP-AUTO Data Sheet 120-277V 250 Watts Included   Buy now
ESP-AUTO-T Data Sheet 120-277V 250 Watts Included Yes Buy now
ASP-AUTO-T Data Sheet 120-277V
FL or Quartz, 250W Included Yes Buy now


Product Features

  • Compact and simple to wire.
  • Measures current drawn by the HID circuit rather than voltage across the circuit,
    allows use with any type of lamp or ballast circuit.
  • Operates HID circuits from 50-1500W, no mater what lamp source.
  • Operates auxiliary lamps of either 250W (ESP-277 and ESP-AUTO) or 500W (ESP-125 Series).
  • With non-arching switches, may be used in Class I Division II vapor tight fixtures.
  • 120-277V Universal Voltage
  • Can be wired directly to emergency generator power.
  • UL Recognized component for US and Canada
  • High temperature plastic enclosure
    (105°C maximum for ESP-125 Series, 90°C maximum for ASP-AUTO-T).
  • "T" models include integrated timing modules to provide quartz light while primary HID lamp warms up.

Information Regarding Older TRP Quartz Restrike Controls
Quartz Restrike Replacement Part Number Matrix
TRP's Quartz Restrike product line was improved and simplified in 2004. The ESP-Auto(T) and ASP-Auto-T products were introduced after this product line update. This document provides a cross-reference for older parts.